Chloe with Coco

Our Miniature Horses are a way of Life

We Love Our Babies and Imprint Them at Birth

Connie and Ally enjoying some time with Rainey

We came to the Miniature Horse and Therapy a little different than most people. I have a rare movement disorder caused by a head injury years ago. While visiting Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio March 2012, we went one weekend to Little America Miniature Horses. We weren’t really to interested to buy, but more of a curiosity. C.Lei and I were admiring the yearling colts and fillies who were content with being pet and adored by us.

Connie on the other hand was eye balling a little colt with big blue eyes. He had buck knees and cow hocked but Connie loved him. As we were getting ready to leave for the RV back in San Antonio, Connie and Tony were making a deal on the little horse. She had bought her first horse.
We were in the Motorhome and had no way to get Connie’s horse back home. The answer was Craigslist. We bought a tall old Stidham horse trailer, boy was that 25″ horse going to look small in there.

C.Lei and I weren’t to be out done, so with carefully planned logic we concluded we needed another horse. Looking once more on the internet we found Tana Fowler  and bought two fillies from her at Fowlers Hill Country Miniatures in Boerne Texas. We now had 3 little horses in the trailer behind the RV as we started home.

This is where our story starts to change. As I said in the beginning I have a movement disorder that results in seizures that affects my walking, talking and a general loss of physical control.

We got home on April 9, put the horses in the back yard (we lived in town) by the time a month had passed my condition had undergone a considerable improvement. We now have 17 horses and I am able to function, when I am with the horses daily. We share our horses with everyone but especially with elders, handicapped and children