C.Lei enjoying a splash of color called Scout

Scout is everything you would want in a miniature horse. He’s got color, small size, blue eyes and a disposition out of the world. His sire is 29″ and his mother is 28″ he should mature at 29″ and be perfect for therapy.

Gail and Goldie’s Baby “Scout”

Gail enjoying spending some time with the new guy “Scout” He’s just a few days old and already an attention hound. His mother is Little Cherokee Bright Eyes aka “Goldie” and his sire is 3F’s Storm’s Music Man aka “Bubuh”

Cocoa’s Story

Cocoa is Chloe’s mare. She is four years old. Her mother is a triple bred Boone’s Little Buckeroo and her sire is our appaloosa stallion Bear Farms Mr. Kansas

Little Cherokee Mares

Little Cherokee Mares coming in from the back pasture. Poor Scout has misplaced his Mom.

Boo and Crystal peeking through the fence

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