What We Do

This Little Video is a Small Sampling of What We Do. This was a day we spent in Medford, Oklahoma at Servants Living Center.

We breed, raise and train Miniature Therapy Horses. We start with bloodlines, breeding top show quality horses to get the confirmation that shows off the great look of today's mini's. The next thing we look for is disposition. Our horses are handled several times in the course of a day, imprinted at birth these horses think we are part of the herd. We further build on trust so no matter what we ask from our little guys they know it is all OK.

We don't specialize in specificĀ  colors and like having a rainbow of color in our barn. Seniors, Handicapped and Children all come to visit our Miniature Horses. If you would like to schedule a visit drop us an email to gu3art@swbell.net or colindaguthrie@hotmail.comĀ